about us

"Small car" was set up as a direct offshoot from our main holding company Mercury Classic Cars Ltd and Mercury RV, whilst our mainstay has been the sales, service, modification and importation of American Motorhomes to the UK.

We have been supplying small cars in various forms such as Microcar, Aixam, Ligier plus others to customers for years to tow legally behind their American Motorhomes.

These are normally called "Toads" or "towed's" - meaning a tow car to pull behind their Motorhome. With a tow car you can arrive in your American Motorhome with all the luxury and convenience this offers, and then simply un-clip it and pop off shopping or sightseeing with ease and convenience.

If you are looking for a small car for towing behind your Motorhome, we make and adapt everything ourselves - its bespoke to what you want.

Since we rarely advertise our companies or their services, we rely on our customers' feedback to their friends, relatives and people they meet to find us new customers.

Recommendations on forums and clubs keeps us busy as well, so you will understand without spending huge sums on advertising, if we are busy and good at what we do, it must be due to happy customers - we hope we can serve you as well soon.